Did Student Council Go Too Far? Council Ices Roads For ‘Ice Skating Tuesday’, The Latest Chapter Of Winter Week

In an effort to continue bringing holiday festivity and cheer, the Signal Mountain High School student council was hard at work last night, ensuring that their latest installment of Winter Week would be an unforgettable delight for students all over the mountain. After having given out hot chocolate and having ‘Pajama Monday’, their next move would have to defy all the limits, and affect each and every student in the most magical of ways. Their eventual move would be an Epic and Oh-so Extraordinary ‘Ice Skating Tuesday’, in which each and every student simply had to participate in all of the cheer: every road on Signal Mountain would be completely covered in black ice, and the students would have an obligation to skate to school and get in the holiday mood, or else they would get an after-school detention for their tardiness. However, as there have been several unexpected blips, such as students driving their cars, despite the awesome gift of the student council being entirely coated all over the roads, this raises the question: Has student council gone too far?