New And Improved PowerSchool Probably Never Coming

“Like, I don’t want to say that the newly revamped, state-of-the-art PowerSchool 3.0 won’t ever make its grand debut, but fuck, things are not looking too hot,” remarked recently employed software developer Ryan Lacy. “At this point, we don’t even know what the hold up is, the software updates should have taken like fifteen to twenty minutes at the most– definitely not the earth-shattering fifteen days it’s been thus far. As far as I can see, everything should be up and ready to go, but whenever I try and launch our Beloved and oh-so revolutionary PowerSchool 3.0, it tells me to contact a system administrator. I literally am the system administrator, so it beats the hell out of me what our next course of action is. Like, I really don’t want to say that PowerSchool 3.0’s arrival is a definitive ‘no’, but the odds are looking pretty grim.” At press time, Lacy was seen staring at the PowerSchool homepage, remaining hopeful that the software updates would eventually complete themselves, blissfully unaware that they, in fact, would remain ‘In Progress’ forever.